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Beyond Maritime Security

Economic stability and sustainable development can be driven by an integrated approach to the maritime sector, including ports, maritime security and facilitation of maritime traffic. Joined-up government policies covering the whole of the maritime sector are critical for the port sector to flourish. These were among key messages delivered by IMO’s Chris Trelawny, who was speaking at the Port Security Technology conference, London, United Kingdom (20 June), which provided an opportunity to build on this year’s World Maritime Theme, “Connecting ships, ports and people”. The importance of IMO’s International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code and the IMO/International Labour Organization (ILO) Code of Practice on security in ports were highlighted as measures which went beyond the security angle, since ports support trade and development.

Mr. Trelawny encouraged governments to increase the representation of the port sector, border control authorities and related organizations at IMO meetings in order to enhance inter-agency cooperation and to foster better understanding of the implications and impact of IMO regulations on the port sector and vice versa.

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