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Hazardous Cargo Experts

Hazardous Transportation Air, Sea, or Land

ARI Shipping has provided hazardous cargo shipping and consulting services for over 25 years to shippers and manufacturers. We have a highly skilled team with extensive experience in packaging and transporting hazardous material via air, sea, and land transportation. ARI offers a variety of services related to hazardous material including packing, crating, RoRo, labeling, certification, documentation,  and inspection. 

International and national regulations are constantly changing making it increasingly difficult for an organization to be sure they are compliant with all the legal shipping requirements. We keep up with all from across the world so we can hazardous shipping easier for you. 

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The Many Hazardous Materials We Ship Are:

Aerosol spray receptacles

(e.g., household cleaners, disinfectants, hairspray, spray paint)

Airbags and airbag inflators


(e.g., rubbing  alcohol, high-proof  spirits) 

 Ammunition and gun powders 


Car batteries 

Carbon dioxide  

Canisters and cylinders 

Consumer electronics with lithium batteries

(e.g., cell phones, laptops) 

Dry ice

Camping equipment 

(e.g., camping stove, kerosene lanterns) 

 Essential oils 


hazardous materials

What You Can Expect

As with the above any commodity that is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the  International Maritime Organization (IMO/IMDG), or the International Civil Aviation Organization  (ICAO/IATA) requires special packaging and handling to ensure safe transport. These products are many and varied and their packaging needs differ significantly.  


With our hazardous material expertise, we can help you with all aspects of shipping compliance. Our goal is safe transportation and quick response to our customer's needs. 

Hazardous Material Prep

We work to make sure anything hazardous is fully in compliance from source to destination. Our services in hazardous materials preparations include:


• UN Tested Packaging (4G Boxes, Pails, Drums, Totes) 

• Marking and Labeling 

• Issuing the DG Declaration for Transport 

• Product Management 

• Storage 

• Provide all relevant and legal liability through our Insurance Policies




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