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Purchasing Research & Free Consultation

Purchasing & Research

Getting your products to markets around the world and individual items such as art can be complicated  to get from point to point while with complex webs of ever-changing government trade regulations in  each country. These can be very complicated and confusing. The U.S. and many other countries around  the world change their regulations with little notice, making it difficult to stay on top of thousands of  trade rules and specific requirements which can put many companies at risk of non-compliance. 

ARI Shipping's team of trade specialists work very closely with importers and exporters, and regulators to provide the most current trade rules, customs duties and fees, compliance rules and documentation  required. ARI offers accurate and reliable global trade information from the early stages of equipment,  heavy cargo, and all shipments through the completion of delivery.

Our Services Include

  • Routing Suggestions

  • Product classification and related costs 

  • Import and export compliance

  • Risk Analysis

  • Overview of Incoterms 2000

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