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Roll On / Roll Off Experts

Roll On / Roll Off

One of the core aspects of our shipping is RORO and our service can and has handled any and types of  cars, trucks, boats, heavy machinery, (and if we are asked the Gundam when it goes on its world tour).

RORO is shipping shorthand for Roll On Roll Off. Vehicles are driven directly onto the RORO vessel onto  the car (or other vehicle decks) and here they are secure, wind and watertight. 

RORO shipping is a very popular to transport vehicles because of cost effectiveness. The cargo of  vehicles is simply “rolled on” the vessel at the port of loading and “rolled off” the vessel at the  destination. As everything is handled by the port workers and your favorite shipping company (in this  case us) there is no need to use warehouse storage packing/crating, etc. Because of this simplification of the services needed, this helps keep the cost, especially the cost of international shipping.  

How We Face The Challenges

Each of the can have their own challenges including excavators, cranes, and other heavy machinery  however RORO is similar across each of these. 

RORO Shipping is not possible in some cases as the port needs the ability to handle a RORO transport. In  these cases it may be required to use container shipping. Let us know where you want to send a vehicle and we’ll advise you. 

In the past we've shipped everything from cars to military tanks. Our experience and knowledge are unparalleled, so you can trust us to get your goods delivered safely and on-time.



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