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Vantiq, Infosys create innovation accelerator for supply chain digitization

Speed to market is an important part of technological innovation. But so is development cost, and the combination of the two can hold back companies from developing new applications. A new innovation accelerator launched by Vantiq and Infosys is helping change that.

“Now more than ever industrial businesses need connected real-time applications that can enable innovative strategies, drive new revenue streams and ensure the safety of people and environments,” Marty Sprinzen, co-founder and CEO of Vantiq, said in a recent statement announcing the joint venture. “Vantiq and Infosys are excited to open the doors to our new digital supply chain accelerator, where we can bring these powerful real-time applications to market that much faster.”

Vantig is a “low-code, no-code platform” that allows users to create real-time applications. Infosys is a global system integration and information technology solutions company.

Narayanan Chathanur, senior director with Infosys, told FreightWaves the accelerator is an attempt to help companies accelerate their innovations. “It’s about creating apps that solve those critical problems and help them get to their transformation faster.”

Hardik Dave, global head of strategic alliances and partner marketing at Vantiq, noted that Vantiq’s platform serves as a central system upon which companies can innovate when developing real-time solutions.

“When you think about the human nervous system and its capabilities, it’s connecting our sensors, it’s connecting our limbs, it’s connecting our brain and data,” he said. “The nervous system operates in real-time to help us. In that same manner, that’s what Vantiq does. It’s a digital nervous system for enterprises. In a low-code, no-code environment … we can connect anything to anything.”

The accelerator has already turned out its first project – a solution for connected maintenance in the rail industry. The app was built to meet the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration’s safety guidelines and integrates live data streams from multiple wheel sensors and compares that data against safety guidelines. The framework also automates preventive, corrective or prescriptive actions in real-time.

In the press release announcing the innovator, Ravi Kumar S, president of Infosys, said the accelerator will help businesses react quicker to market conditions.

“Today we are seeing an increased need across the software industry for real-time application building to ensure success of many key digital projects,” he said. “To further accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation agenda, together with Vantiq, we will help digitize the supply chain innovation for clients that will result in enabling smarter real-time economies. Through this collaboration, we will work towards delivering faster digital outcomes for businesses to improve their customer reach, achieving operational efficiency with real-time sensors and creating immediate and data-driven business impact.”

Dave told FreightWaves the accelerator will develop “frameworks” for various verticals so companies can “jump [right] into a lab environment.”

“We didn’t want to pick just one customer or one use case given that [Vantiq] is a platform,” he said. “The accelerator will have … generic use cases with prebuilt frameworks that can accelerate the development of these apps.”

Chathanur noted that app development could be within weeks for some companies, with Infosys and Vantiq providing assistance in the process. The accelerator will start with supply chain frameworks but ultimately will extend to touch many verticals, including logistics management, smart manufacturing, sustainable environment and edge computing.

“We started [with supply chain] because we feel the need of the hour is here,” he added.

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