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China Sets Rules in Domestic Trade

As of September 1, 2018, Chinese-flagged and imported ships employed on domestic trades will be required to comply with the NOx Tier II emission limits, the Chinese Ministry of Transport said on Tuesday.

The Tier II/III standards were introduced by Annex VI amendments adopted in 2008, imposing new fuel quality requirements in 2011, Tier II and III NOx emission standards for new engines, and Tier I NOx requirements for existing pre-2000 engines.

The move is being announced as part of the country’s efforts to improve the quality of its waterway transportation and cutting air pollution.

The ministry said that the measure would be in force for five years and that relevant inspection and maritime agencies will conduct regular controls of both Chinese and international ships to ensure the requirements are met.

Earlier this year, China announced that it plans to stop allowing the recycling of international ships at its yards as of the beginning of 2019.

The decision comes on the back of China’s efforts to crack down on polluter and waste producing industries in the country, which have seen many yards denied their ship recycling licenses.

The Chinese-flagged ships will be allowed to continue to be dismantled at Chinese yards, however, the Government of China will no longer provide subsidies for the branch, as decided last year.

The decision is expected to slash global capacity for environmentally-friendly recycling of ships, despite the ongoing efforts from Indian yards to become compliant with the Hong Kong Convention. Hence, owners would have to start to take these yards more seriously in addition to those in Turkey.

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