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“” is provided solely for the use of ARI Shipping Corporation, ARI Customs House Brokers, Inc., and Five Towns, CFS, LLC current and potential customers to interact with our services and information and may not be used by any other person or entity, or for any other purpose. Use of our websites to provide information to or prepare shipments by or for the benefit of third party shippers is strictly prohibited.


The user warrants that he/she/it will apply reasonable safeguards against the unauthorized use and disclosure of the information contained in the website and agree to protect such information in the same manner and to the same degree that the user protect his/her/its own confidential and proprietary information.


All information contained in this website shall remain at all times the property of ARI Shipping Corporation.

In case of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions herein or any service information in the website and the information contained in the applicable ARI Shipping Corporation’s internal documentation/agreement, the internal documentation/agreement will prevail. 

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