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ZIM Improves Cross-Atlantic Services

ZIM is pleased to inform changes and improvements of the services between the Mediterranean and the US East Coast & Canada, ZCA and ZCI. The upgrades are planned to start in December (subject to regulatory approval), as follows:

ZIM’s flagship ZIM Container Service Atlantic (ZCA), connecting main Mediterranean ports, US East Coast & Canada, will have the following rotation:

Mersin – Ashdod – Haifa – Aliaga – Piraeus – Livorno – Barcelona – Valencia – Halifax – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Valencia – Tarragona – Mersin

ZIM Container Service Italy (ZCI), in cooperation with THE Alliance and following the introduction of their upgraded product, commencing December 2018, will have the following rotation:

La Spezia – Genoa – Fos – Barcelona – Valencia – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Miami – Algeciras – La Spezia

ZIM’s complimentary Atlantic services, MPS to the US West Coast and MGX to the US Gulf, Central America and Caribbean, will be maintained at their present mode.

Rani Ben-Yehuda, ZIM’s EVP Cross Suez and Atlantic BU, said: “We continue to improve our long-standing cross Atlantic services to provide our customers with comprehensive and reliable solutions.”

via HSN

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