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‘Cards Against Humanity’ for Transportation Nerds?

An unofficial new spin-off of Cards Against Humanity trades the original game’s raunchiness for transportation-minded wonkiness — and it’s bound to get laughs from people who geek out over bike lanes and travel demand models.

The spoof of the popular card game – dubbed “Cards Against Urbanity: Transportation Edition” – was designed by Young Professionals in Transportation, a networking organization with more than 20 chapters nationwide.

The game went on sale this week, and it costs $39.99 to order online — a price that just about covers the cost of printing and shipping, the group says.

Local Headlines newsletter Daily headlines about the Washington region. Sign up The game aims to poke fun at old-school, car-focused transportation engineers — “Spending $300 million to save 3 seconds of travel time,” one card quips — but also throws a few jabs at transit purists and die-hard bike advocates.

But most of all, the game is designed to educate participants about urban transportation policy and the burning debates in the world of public infrastructure.

Members of Young Professionals in Transportation spent about six months brainstorming phrases to put on the cards, refining their ideas, gathering to test out demo versions, and finalizing a set of cards that targeted a wide cross-section of transportation themes.

This new transportation-specific parody is actually an extension to “Cards Against Urbanity,” a version of the game that was created a couple years ago by the urban planning organization GreaterPlaces … and that version, of course, is a play on the original Cards Against Humanity, a wildly popular card game that’s a sort of risqué Mad Libs for the millennial set.

(Cards Against Humanity operates under a Creative Commons license, which means that other people are allowed to “use, remix, and share the game for free, but you can’t sell it without our permission.” The digital version of the transportation spoof is available online for free.)

And just like Cards Against Humanity, the transportation version doesn’t shy away from making jokes that are a little racy … at least in the transportation world.

“There are some cards that could slightly offend people in transportation,” said Aaron Zimmerman, a board member of YPT International and the director of the project, chuckling. “There are a disproportionate amount aimed at transportation engineers.”

Sample joke phrases include:

— “It’s time for American cities to ban ___.”

— “Gabe Klein’s next book will be about the clash between autonomous vehicles and ___.”

— “…TRB presentations that are all equations and no pictures.”

— “…Cities that are still paying for an NFL stadium after the team has moved.”

— “…Sharrows on a six-lane 45 MPH road.”

— “…Referring to automobile collisions as ‘accidents.’”

_ “…the General Motors streetcar conspiracy.”

If these jokes are funny to you (and if you don’t know what a “sharrow” is, that’s a big if!) you can buy the full pack of 475 cards on the Young Professionals in Transportation